Amazon Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics is amazon’s own built-in feature which is only for brand registered owner

Benifits of Amazon Brand Analytics
1. Search Term Reports
2. Market Basket Analysis
3. Item comparison and alternative purchase behavior
4. Demographics


Sign in your seller central and navigate to the tab called reports and click brand analytics to access it .

Seller central ===> Reports ===> Brand Analytics

Search Term Report

1. Search Term

Keywords which buyer use to search a product om amazon say for instance Garlic press, Jade roller etc

2. Search Frequency Rank (SFR)

The search Frequency rank (SFR) is the rank of a particular search term based on its popularity time period.

3. Click Share and Conversion Share

Click Share: No ot times customers clicked on a specific Product for a keyword.

Conversion Share: No of times customers bought a specific Product for a keyword.

Market Basket Analysis

It will allow you to identify products that are brought by customer along with your product.

This section is specific to the ASIN in your Brand account. It will help you to find out potential products that can be bundled or up sold with your product.

Item Comparison And Alternate Purchase Behavior

It will show which products are going to be purchased by skipping our product.

1. Better your product by adding competitors features

2. Expand your product line by adding potential product in your portfolio

3. Target top 5 ASINs directly into your PPC Campaign


It will show information about your customer

Who is your customer?
His/her Age, gender, Martial status, background.

This information will help us to optimize our FB campaigns or audience targeting.


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