Study MBA in the USA for International Students

The United States has the highest number of globally reputable institutions and over the years it has done a stunning job of turning their names into high quality brands. The MBA program, being one of the most lucrative professional degrees out there, enjoys particularly privileged status. Especially when acquire from the elite American universities. With a massive number of top MBA employers belonging to the American clay, the country distinctly has an overwhelming advantage in employment opportunities for MBA graduates.

What makes United States so popular among MBA Seekers

Over 50% of the top 100 MBA programs, ranked by the Financial Times’ Global MBA rankings, are from the US. And there is good reason for United State’s uncontested control on business education. The MBA degree is originated in the country as a means to provide a scientific approach to business management. It was the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School which began its first version of the degree, back in the late 1800s, covering diverse aspects of managing a successful business including accounting, finance, legal, marketing, operations and more.

The rest of the country, and gradually the whole world, began to appreciate this American model of providing its students, and the future managers, with an academic training, as opposed to letting them figure it out on the job. But producing excellent MBA graduates would be meaningless unless there’s demand for them.

Largest Economy in the world

USA is the largest economy in the world with the highest GPD per capita. While China is holding up, the US dollar is still quite high and mighty. This successful economy is home to large associations with impressive revenues. In the list of biggest companies in the world, over 40% are American. These corporate giants are also some of the largest employers in the country, creating a large demand for MBA trained management professionals. So there is quite a happy balance in the system, which creates some of the best management graduates to be recruited by some of the most successful corporations. That is the one of the reasons for the prosperity of the reputed US B-schools.

Multicultural Society

While the country may be grappling with some uncertainly around the topic today, the American society has always been popular with immigrants. Well that is how the America, as we know it, essentially began. It is not only multicultural, its lifestyle, arts, media, music, sports, and education system have had made a massive impression on the rest of the world, sometimes even permeating into otherwise hard-core traditional structures. In fact, an exposure to the US media since childhood helps people in most countries get familiar with the sights, sounds and the general idea of an American life. While international students in the US face various challenges, they still have the advantage of working in an environment with a universal language and a familiarity which may be foreign but certainly not alien.

Quality of life

As you can imagine, the country offers world-class education resources, and a wide scale of opportunities for international students who went to pursue a career, after graduation. There are multiple ways to finance your education including scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, and even education loan. However, if you are able to combat the tuition costs, the MBA salaries are extremely rewarding, often ranging from $100,000 to almost $200,000 if you are lucky. This is one of the reasons that drive many applicants who are working with MBA Crystal Ball several of them already have MBA degree, but they apply for a second MBA in a top American B-school for all the advantages it offers apart from salary.

Expenses of Studying MBA in the USA

Expenses can vary between cities we will tabulate some of the popular cities. In New York if you live in their your expenses can vary up to $5,021 for one month including your food, 1Bhk Rent, Household Cost, and quality of life index. In San Francisco your expenses can be $5,182 for one month including these all food, etc. city wise your expenses will vary and it is up to which city you are going to select for your MBA study.

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