How Get High CPC Adds On Your PC Browser coin market updates

I want to show you how  High CPC Ads show inside your own browser and how to set up your browser,through all the pictures in this post I think you can Will know better.

I think you should read this post carefully and look at all the pictures carefully. After looking at these pictures you will be able to set up your browser with AIDS.
Be the first to download this extension via the link below
  First, open your Chrome browser. And click on the three dot mark on the right side then follow this image.
After downloading the extension, turn on your browser’s developer mode and drag and drop the extension you downloaded into your browser.
As soon as you drag this extension you will see its icon inside the browser as shown in the picture and its icon will show up.
Then you download a good VPN in your browser like that browsec vpn.
And set the VPN to United States and turn on the VPN
Then you will see the picture as you see it
Then click on the extension icon then you will get a new window show.

    Then double click on the one that was mention.
Then New Tab will open. Right click on the first link inside it and click on Edit Micro.
Select all  link inside it by pressing CTRL+A and delete it.

   And COPY the Script HIGH CPC ADDS that given at the end and PAST it inside.
This is how you will see the image when you copy and paste the script. Then you can click on Save &close.
Then you have to double click on the link shown inside the image below.
This way your scrap will run 
when it is complete. It will take about five to six hours to complete after that you close your browser for 24 hours.

  After 24 hours, when you re-open the browser, the first thing to do is to close the VPN. After that, if you open any SITE, your browser will be set with high cpc adds .

  I hope you have understood.

  If after reading and watching all this post you still do not understand, you can contact me.

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