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You can check the number of deaths that have been recorded in the last 24 hours, the number of cases that have been recorded, the number of cases that have been registered or the number of cases that have been cured by clicking on the link below.

Click on the link below to check the online results and cases of Corona virus,

Coronavirus is a virus that the whole world is helpless in front of. What kind of germs that were invisible and whose effects are so great that it enters a person through nasal breathing and Disrupts the whole system of man and man fights with the war that is now within him for barely three to four days and if the germs of this disease in large numbers prophesy within themselves. He dies.
This germ we have been given the name Corona virus is not a common germ. We must avoid it and take all precautionary measures so that we ourselves can be safe and our family can be safe.

 The virus is transmitted from person to person, so we need to keep social distance to prevent the virus from spreading, as there is still no cure for the virus worldwide. Could not be created to save the patient from the effects of this virus.
 What kind of virus is this that can only be prevented by taking precautions? There is no other solution. There is no other cure.

 The following are the symptoms that appear inside any human being when the disease occurs in any human being.




 have a high fever

 Pain in all joints of the body

 Bleeding from the nose and mouth

 The virus mainly affects children and older people. Whenever a person feels that any of the following symptoms are appearing in me, he should separate from his family. So that no one else can influence it from outside and immediately quarantine yourself in a nearby hospital.

 This germ is causing the whole world to get ahead of this virus. The economy of the whole world has been destroyed. Every country is working hard to eradicate this virus but no such country except China has succeeded so far. Success in the fight against the virus has now begun to re-emerge in China.

 Whenever you come to your house from outside, first you should wash your hands. Wash your hands with soap sanitizer for 20 second, then touch something else. Use your mask every time. Use your gloves. Please.

 Only by following these things can you protect yourself from this virus. If God forbid, if any person gets this virus, then first of all he should think about his family members because of me. The virus should not be transmitted to other people, so keep them separate from all other people and do not go near them so that no one else can be infected with the virus.


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